Coronavirus - The good side?


I have been thinking along similar lines.

Coronavirus and the Remote Work Experiment No One Asked For

“We’ll never probably be the same. People who were reticent to work remotely will find that they really thrive that way. Managers who didn’t think they could manage teams that were remote will have a different perspective.

My hope is, after all of this is over … one benefit it will leave us with is that remote work will be more acceptable.

Work can become less centralised, will require less commuting, less competition to all live in the same place, better distribution of work, better work life balance.

Personally, I am far more productive working from home than having to schlep into a cramped office during rush hour, overhearing one half of phone conversations, the bad jokes, the smell of the farts and the lunch, etc.

I have worked on projects all over the world, complex collaborations, with colleagues in every time zone, all from home in Brixton. Then it went out of favour for a long time. It seemed like a failure of trust.

Just recently, I am rediscovering the benefits.

I am only 15 minutes from Central London. I am lucky, I know people with brutal four hour commutes.

Not everyone can work remotely but those who can, should. It brings structural benefits to the individuals, to society and the environment.