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Banner Jeremy giving a talk at CocoonGT2006

Jeremy and the cforms hackat(h)on session

Jeremy Quinn

A quick mind, obvious skills and a genuine passion for his work. Dave Sag, Founder and Technology Director of Risk2Risk, 2008

His no-nonsense approach to problems always brings fresh ideas. Pier Fumagalli, Technical Architect at VNU, ASF Member, 2008

He thinks through the problem, asks critical questions and suggests creative solutions. Alex Romayev, Technical Manager at Agile Partners, 2009

He learned most of the technology we used in Apache Cocoon just by watching. Stefano Mazzocchi, ASF Member, 2006

He ensured that his students explored the possibilities of the Net beyond just designing beautiful websites. Dr Richard Barbrook, Hypermedia Research Centre, 2003

Jeremy Quinn is a developer and designer whose work has won national and international acclaim. Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, 1995